The Last of Our Kind: Issue Two

After months of delays, The Last of Our Kind: Issue Two has finally been printed and is ready to order.

With a full colour cover and high-quality black and white photos throughout, this issue is a huge step up from the last.

Features interviews with:
Touché Amoré
Toy Boats
Now, Now
and Lincoln le Fevre

The zine also includes articles on BasementPostblue and Apart From This.

Limited to 100 copies, the printed version of the zine is available for $4.50 including shipping within Australia.

Email us at if you don’t have paypal.

Thank you so much.


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    Lost In Translation - check Touche Amore - Check Now, Now - check. I support all of these things mashed up.
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    Got mine in the mail yesterday with the message: "Thanks Blake! I used to to live near Frankston. I try to forget about...
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    Huge difference from the first issue (which is a killer), picked one up, you should too!